From its mythology,
this constellation is the image of Quiron,
a being distinguished from the rest
by his wisdom and knowledge.

Quiron was born out of the love of Cronos and the nymph Filira,
and had the strange form of half man and half horse
. It is said that this occurred because his father had
to turn himself into a horse in order to reproduce him. .

According to legend,
when his mother saw that she had given birth to a monster
she begged the gods to transform
her and they turned her into a Tilo tree.

Quiron, who was taught by Apollo and Artemis
the art of hunting, established himself
as a master and among his deciphers were
Castor, Pollux, and Ulysses.

During a battle, Quiron was wounded by
an arrow dipped in the blood of the hydra Lerna,
which caused him terrible pain.

Because he was immortal,
he could not bare to live with this chronic
pain and with the permission of the gods offered his
immortality to Prometeo, and died soon after.

Zeus placed him within the astros of the heavens,
thus creating the constellation of Sagittarius (the Archer).


Hstory in the sky

There are two constellations with the shape of Centauro in the sky.
 One should not confuse the savage warrior of Sagittarius
with the Centauro of the meridian sky.

In Mesopotamian mythology,
Sagittarius is the archer god Nergal, ruled by Mars.

In Greek mythology Sagittarius
is identified with the medicinal centauro known as Quiron.

 It is said that Artemisa, goddess of the hunt,
organized the death of Orion by getting a scorpion
to sting him on the sole of his foot.

While seeking revenge,
Quiron killed the scorpion with an arrow.

In the heavens, Sagittarius' arrow
points to the star Anatares, which is the center of Scorpio.
This myth is added to the Asclepio.